Budapest Time Lapse

I come from the breathtakingly beautiful capital of a country full of potential, natural and built splendor. Budapest is the city that is deeply embedded in my chromosomes and imprinted on my soul for all eternity.

This time lapse by Peter Dancso clearly shows that my problem with Hungary in general has never been and will never be of geographic or topographic origin, but rather the unfortunate coexistence of certain circumstances in this otherwise spectacular country…


Hello world!

Hmmm…. Let’s see.

First of all, welcome to my blog Desert Monsoon Dubai a place for all things exceptional, extraordinary, and breathtakingly beautiful.

This place came to existence to find beauty and inspiration every day. We live in a world where it is far too easy to get caught up and not slow down and smell the roses, brewing coffee, summer rain, fresh linen on a summer afternoon, or your mom’s mouth-watering cookies that just came out from the oven.

I dedicate this place to all things beautiful that make it worthwhile getting up from your cozy bed on a dark, damp November morning. There is of course nothing wrong with curling up on the sofa or your bed under a soft blanket on the above mentioned morning, but if you climb out of that bed and tear yourself away from the magic spell off your sofa, you could experience small miracles everyday. I am on a mission to find these for my own and hopefully your enjoyment.

You will find here everything performing and picturing art, creativity, cooking, music, literature, architecture, life…in general everything that keeps me going on those dull and numbing days when I ask myself what’s the point of it all…

To end the first post and kick off my trip of (self) discovery, I’d like to share a favorite of mine. 

Have fun, enjoy life, and keep your eyes open…every day…always…



Ps: “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”             Walter Hagen