by Fruzsina Benyei-Anirudhan


With black pen

I write red thoughts

In a gray notebook.

I wave blue dreams in a cruel

Dark brown world.

I’ve long lost my rose-colored glasses.

Have always seen people’s true

Color spectrum.

In the chosen one’s

Milk white fog, I am

Doomed to eternal solitude by

The purple sages. Only my

Bourbon thoughts, loyal

Green friends, and pale

Beige hope sustain me in my

Orange life.

I cry and scream colors (1024x683)


The Savages

by Fruzsina Bényei-Anirudhan


I did it again,

I have become their  bloody prey.

I’m slowly getting used to how the



Chase, and

Overbear me.


My pleading eyes stare at the distant nothingness.

I have become their struggling snack.

A being easily replaceable, who the

Firece savages


Drag and throw away.


Sharp teeth dig deep in,

My still throbbing body.

I am already unconscious, the

Frenzied predators

Toy with me

Pin me down, and

Tear me into a thousand pieces.


I am dying an agonizingly slow death, leaving a bitter

Taste in their mouth.

I’m still alive, but soon will be gone.

With a wide malicious grin, the barbarous

Savages feed on me.

Munching approvingly.


Bending over a me a red-brown

Pair of eyes. With the most tender look that

Calms me down. But it is still him who finishes that the

Other savages

Have begun.

His eternal kiss of death takes

My meaningless life.

Ryohei Hase - The Chase

Tokyo based artist Ryohei Hase latest creation comes in the form of an album cover, for the Japanese band L’Arc-en-Ciel. Hase created an intricate and finely detailed illustration to represent the hit song on the album titled Chase, where he shows a half-man-half-wolf desperately embracing an ethereal woman. Hase is a multidisciplinary artist, his work has been featured globally in magazines, websites, advertisements, CD covers, and video games.